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Dragon Beard (Jiaogulan) 50g

Dragon Beard (Jiaogulan) 50g
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Grown in the southern reaches of China, the locals refer to this vine as the "immortality herb". With qualities similar to ginseng Dragon Beard is proported to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as aid digestion, increase immunity, strength and endurance and improve the body's ability to cope with stress. Many Jiaogulan drinkers believe that the powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic qualities of this tea will increase longevity.


Don't be fooled by the overpowering smell when you open the box, the brewed tea is mild and slightly sweet, with a flavour not unlike green tea.


To Brew: Place 1g (about half a teaspoon) of tea into a cup with a lid. Cover with water at 80°C and brew for 2 minutes for a mild taste and longer for a more intense flavour.


Ingredients: Jiaogulan Tea


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