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Bing Dao Raw Pu Erh Cake

Bing Dao Raw Pu Erh Cake
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Carefully prising the dark, twisted tea leaves from this compressed tea cake turns making a regular cup of tea into a special occasion. However, when you consider the fact that the leaves themselves come from ancient Chinese Arbor Trees, some almost 500 years old, the exceptional nature of the cup you are brewing begins to take shape. These trees have survived the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Chinese Revolution; witnessed battles fought, lives lost and love found. The thousands upon thousands of stories that have soaked up though their roots as the world passed by is truly breath taking. We consider a cup of this golden infusion to be like a journey back in time. We hope you enjoy your trip. 


Made from tea leaves harvested in March 2012; many people mistakingly believe that raw Pu Erh can only be drunk after 5-10 years, however good quality Pu Erh, such as this one, can actually be enjoyed from the year it is harvested. Of course, if properly stored amazing changes can be found every several years. 


To Brew: Carefully break off pieces of the tea cake using a letter opener or similar shaped sharp knife. Try to keep as many leaves intact as possible. You will need 5-8g of tea leaves per serving. Place the tea leaves in a cup with a lid (traditionally a Gaiwan is used). Cover the leaves in boiling water, then immediately strain. This is known as rinsing the tea. It is recommend to reserve the first and second infusion to help even out the taste of the later infusions. Brew the tea for no more that five seconds (gradually increasing the time with each brewing). In this way the tea can be brewed up to 20 times. 


Ingredients: Bing Dao Raw Pu Erh Cake (Camellia Sinensis)


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