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Cloud & Mist Tea 50g
Locally known as Huangshan Yun Wu, which literally translates to Cloud and Mist, the name of this..
Milk Mama 50g
Breastfeeding is an amazing experience, but it can also be really hard. Fret not Mama, over 20 ce..
Blooming Tea Collection 50g
Eight hand stitched Blooming Tea balls. These tiny works of art make a wonderful social tea or th..
Tea and Cookies Gift Pack
We are thrilled to have teamed up with the amazing Lactation Cookie Company to bring you this spe..
Sacred Red Snow Tea 25g
This wild lichen, is incredibly rare, and until recently was reserved for use in Tibetan Monaster..
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Citrus Breeze 50g
With a delicate mix of organic lemon, orange and lime and a hint of lemongrass and sweet apple; t..
China Rose 30g
Beautiful sun dried White Peony Tea blends perfectly with whole rose buds to form an exquisite in..
Dragon Well 50g
Also known as Longjing Tea, Dragon Well has been enjoyed in China for thousands of years. Often c..
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Midnight Rose 50g
The incredible smell of this tea is a delight in itself. Soothing and relaxing, the intoxicating ..
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Dian Hong Gift Tea 50g
From the cloud veiled mountains of the Yunnan province, Dian Hong Gift Tea has a beautiful subtle..
Miss Grey 50g
A fresh take on the Earl’s classic blend. Miss Grey delivers a fresh, fragrant cup with a flora..
Premium Huoshan Huang Da Cha 50g
Unusual because it uses both the leaves and stems of the tea plant, this heavily roasted tea prod..