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One Little Leaf

Welcome to One Little Leaf

(Please note we are on holiday for the month of October. You are still welcome to place orders via the website or email us any questions. All orders and enquiries will be followed up at the start of Novemember. Thank you for your understanding.)

Come on a journey of the senses and discover the exotic flavours and intoxicating aromas of some of the world's most rare and special teas. Let your mind wander as you slowly sip Bing Dao Raw Pu Erh, a golden brew infused with the leaves of ancient Chinese Arbor Trees almost 500 years old. Breathe in the scent of spring with Jasmine Silver Needle, the finest jasmine tea you’re ever likely to try. Then close your eyes and be transported to the lively streets of India, with our very own Traditional Street Chai. Be humbled by Tibet’s Sacred Red Snow Tea, a wild lichen only found in the Himalayas. Or watch as our hand stitched Blooming Teas unfold to reveal tiny works of art.